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Who is AKP?
Since its inception in 1972, the Associated Kyoto Program has provided study opportunities in Kyoto for over 1700 students.  The AKP Center operates an independent program for undergraduate students on the Doshisha University campus, one of Japan's leading private institutions of higher learning.  Kyoto is an ideal place to develop a strong sense of Japanese language and culture, and the AKP Center will serve as a convenient hub from which to explore different paths into the heart of the city.  AKP's academic program will challenge you, while the homestay program will give you a chance to live daily life as the Japanese do.  With careful attention to time management, you will also discover many opportunities to participate in the festivals, holidays, and seasonal observances of daily life in the city, as well as visit the museums, temples, and palaces that have been part of the Kyoto landscape for over 1200 years.

Experience Japan as an Insider
 Our homestay program offers you unparalleled opportunities for cultural growth and learning as a member of a Japanese family.  Our grants for research, cultural activities, and internships will provide you with funds to reach deeper for new insights into Japan's long and complex cultural history.

Discover Elective Seminars by Distinguished Faculty
You will not find any other program in Japan with special seminars taught by some of the finest professors in the AKP consortium.  You can also take advantage of cross-enrollment with the Kyoto Consortium of Japanese Studies (KCJS).

Language Learning Above and Beyond the Classroom
Our experienced Japanese faculty will inspire you to take language learning outside the classroom door.  In addition to daily language classes, they will help you read original sources for elective class research papers and will offer special language practica on topics like Kansai dialect, and popular songs.  Language assignments will take you down Kyoto side streets and immerse you in conversations around the homestay dinner table.

AKP Makes it Possible. Your fee covers:
  • A $850 per semester travel subsidy for airfare to the orientation site in Kyoto;
  • A 15000 yen monthly Cultural Activities Grant to enhance your Kyoto experience
  • Orientation accommodations, introductions to the Kyoto Program Center and faculty, mini-tours of Kyoto, and a guided tour to your homestay led by Doshisha students;
  • A Welcome Party to introduce you to your host family;
  • AKP tuition;
  • Doshisha tuition and all Doshisha student fees;
  • A homestay experience closely connected with the academic program. You will join your family daily for breakfast and dinner;
  • A monthly lunch subsidy (including weekends) and commuting costs from your homestay to the Doshisha campus;
  • Japanese National Health Insurance, liability insurance, and a Doshisha Student Co-op Membership (for lunch and other services);
  • Program-sponsored field trips, numerous field trips connected with elective seminars, and program-sponsored day trips with host families;
  • Semester opening and closing parties;
  • Japanese course textbooks;
  • Student research and internship grants to help you pursue independent research projects outside of the regular curriculum;
  • The experience of a lifetime!

Students at Himeji Castle
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